We've got something in common 

As an ADHDer, I spent most of my life with . . . 

  • An inability to just do the thing
  • Waking up exhausted to 10 different alarms
  • Making unhealthy choices daily even though I knew better

Not ideal.

*But then one day everything got better.*

The answer turned out to be . . . food!


More on that in a moment, but first . . . 

Do any of these sound like you?

Doing the Thing

  • You have a PhD in procrastination 
  • You're constantly berating yourself for not living up to your potential


  • You feel irritable and exhausted
  • You can't remember the last time you actually relaxed 

Health Habits

  • You know you need to focus more on your health, but something always gets in the way

You don't have to keep living like this

Imagine being able to. . . 


. . . plan your day and stick to it. 



. . . finally get a handle on your emotions.



. . . create healthy habits you actually enjoy.



You can. I can help.

Hiya! I'm Julie, a health coach for humans with ADHD.

I help my clients
  • banish procrastination
  • find inner calm
  • get healthy without the hell 
I struggled with ADHD for decades
until one day I accidentally fixed my brain.
And I want to help you do the same, but on purpose!
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Julie Saad Wellness - Before and After

The Mess a.k.a. Before

I spent decades floundering around because of my ADHD. I felt like I had tried it all.

  • I went to a procrastination coach - nothing.
  • Therapy helped my self-esteem a little, but did nothing for my procrastination
  • Medication helped, until it didn’t anymore.
  • Standard productivity advice somehow just didn’t do it for me
  • I tried all sorts of sleep hygiene and timers to get myself in bed . . . nada.
  • I tried to relax but was so overwhelmed that even a massage stressed me out
  • Meanwhile, trying to eat less and move more made me chubbier, hungrier, and more tired.

My larger-than-life emotions raged on. My husband and I were fighting like cats and dogs. I would collapse on my bed in tears, sometimes for days. 

"I guess this is just how my life is going to be forever," I told myself. 

Until . . . 

The Success

It was a complete accident!

In 2022, I saw a vacation photo of myself and gasped. . . I had gotten quite chubby.

My weight and food had been a constant source of stress for me since childhood. I was always hungry

I decided to try a ketogenic diet - I think I got the idea from YouTube - to see if it would help me slim down

Guess what . . . it totally did. The weight flew off - 50 pounds in just over three months. I began wearing crop tops everywhere. 

Meanwhile, some other unexpected things happened

I was working in education at the time, and always dreaded Sundays because that was lesson-planning day.

My uncontrollable procrastination meant that I would wake up in the morning and spend the entire day screaming at myself to just get started. I never could until well after sunset when the panic would begin to set in. 

Until one Sunday after starting the ketogenic diet, I woke up early, made some coffee, sat down, opened my computer, started work, and finished all my lesson planning. . . all before 10am

What the . . . ? This was the first time in my life that this had ever happened. In my entire life. I had always left everything until the last minute. I just could never bring myself to start anything until it was an emergency, and here I was, working calmly and finishing early like it was no big deal

This continued week after week, Sunday after Sunday. My moods also began to stabilize a lot. I wasn't so cranky all the time. I had more patience. I was, and still am today . . . a happy person. I simply couldn't believe it. 

Was it the diet?

I began poring over research and anecdotal evidence, and discovered that I wasn't the only one this had happened to.

Keto was helping people with their mental health, including ADHD.

This was just way too cool to keep to myself. 

So here I am. 




my signature program

The missionHelp humans with ADHD go from frazzled to flourishing,
by harnessing the power of food.



Listen, most ADHD programs just focus on tips and tricks. That's like putting a new sticker on your laptop and expecting it to run faster. 


You need the real deal: a solution that will heal you from the inside-out. 


It's true, total transformation, using a revolutionary system. 





Optimize your brain, reducing ADHD symptoms by up to 95% 

by eating a ton of delicious food. Yum!

Finally stop putting your life on hold.

Let's Go!
What they're saying . . . 

Working with Julie was such a pleasant and profound experience! Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable and informative, she allowed me to feel comfortable speaking about virtually anything. It is clear that she has a deep understanding of health and wellness and better yet, she is able to communicate that knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and can fit your specific circumstances. Whether you want to make drastic changes to your physical health or just want someone to help guide you in the right direction, I can’t recommend Julie’s services enough.

-- C.W. Albany, NY

How does it work?

stop trying to do it all on your own




We examine your overall health picture to uncover trouble areas 

  • Review lab test results you already have
  • Look at additional labs you can request from your doctor
  • Create a holistic health history by reviewing your diet & lifestyle

so that you have powerful insights into your nutrient levels and metabolic health, and can see which changes can give you the speediest results.


I will guide you through a confusion-free way of eating that 

  • repairs your brain's glucose metabolism
  • maximizes nutrient absorption
  • optimizes your gut health
  • improves the balance of 
    neurotransmitters inside your cute head

so that you get a total upgrade of your focus, concentration, executive functioning, and overall mood


We have powerful weekly sessions grounded in evidence-based practice where we talk about

  • What's going well, and do a happy dance together
  • What challenges you're facing as you work towards your goals
  • What thoughts, feelings, or beliefs might be getting in the way of your success

so that real change goes from your to-do list to done.


You'll have access to weekly health reset workbooks to inspire you and deepen your 

  • Learn new ways to deal with stress
  • Use the power of journaling to unearth new strengths
  • Gain unshakeable clarity on your goals and vision 

so that you become the vibrant, unstoppable, gorgeous creature you really are. 


Hey, we have to do some things differently than others

  • Develop strategies to get and stay motivated that work with ADHD brains 
  • Master the art of time management 
  • Experience a self-esteem makeover, ditching the shame and negative self-talk

so that you can kiss procrastination goodbye, 
finally get everything on your to-do list done, and finally feel proud of 
yourself, because you're amazing and you've got this.


Spotlight on You

Weekly one-hour coaching sessions online, where we celebrate your success and plow through obstacles, and often laugh our heads off too

Mental Deep Clean

Downloadable workbooks 
that turbo charge 
your transformation and 
illuminate your path forward while busting mindset blocks

also included:


  • Stay in touch during the week so that you 
    keep your eye on your goals and 
    smash your to-do list
  • Send me questions as they occur to you to troubleshoot any obstacles in real time 
  • Brag about your progress so that you can maintain your momentum

Why You Should Sign Up Today: 

  • Early-bird pricing is limited
  • You deserve to give yourself the gift of support and strategies
  • The more you procrastinate on getting your life in order, the harder it will be to change
  • Imagine yourself two, three, or even ten years from now still stuck in the same spot. . . Not a good scene!
  • Remember: increased attention and focus, the ability to tackle your to-do list, and – finallytranquility are waiting for you on the other side

Two Ways to Enroll!

Take advantage of the current low rates before they go up. 

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What else they're saying . . . 

THANK YOU!!! I was feeling so stuck before our session today. I'm in a much better place now.

--D.N. Baltimore, MD, United States

My Coaching Style

Many people use the word "bubbly" when they describe me. Yup, that's me, but, don't be fooled by my lighthearted demeanor: I take your success seriously and believe in you and your abilities with every fiber of my being. 

My coaching is centered around the insight model. A lot of times we know what to do, but we just don't do it. Yes, I'm going to teach you new information, but that's the easy part! 

Real change comes from peeling back the layers and figuring out why you really want to move forward as well as what's holding you back. I don't lecture you about what to do. I'm not the director here. I'm just the lighting guy, showing you the different paths you can choose and empowering you to take action. It's actually really fun. 


I am here to help you for as long or as little as you need it. I have worked with clients for as short as six weeks just to get the ball rolling, up to nine months and counting to work on continuing change.

The day you fire me because you've gotten the results you wanted is a happy day for me, although I'm sure I'll miss you

I guarantee all my work, and if you are unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days of the process, I offer a no-questions-asked full refund of any weekly fees you have paid so far. 

If you’re ready for total transformation, let's talk.

Step One: Book Your FREE 45-Minute *BRAINSTORM SESSION* Here
They've also said . . . 

It's great talking to you and realizing I'm not alone.

-- J.A. Cleveland, OH, United States


  • This program will pay for itself 
  • You will enjoy increased productivity which will free up your time
  • Improving your health saves you serious money on medical bills and reduces sick days


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self-employed all-stars
  • Work-from-home types
  • Programmers
  • Artists
  • Retired folks
  • Stay-at-home parents

What if you could actually feel in control of your life just a few weeks from now?

More love letters . . . 

Julie is so super cool and encouraging. She has helped me really be so much more attentive and aware of myself and my mentality. My stress levels are so much lower now, and I feel so much more balanced. She has helped me make meaningful changes for the better. I can't recommend her enough!

--S.S.K. Hodges, AL

I know I didn't even mention this as one of my goals when we started, but my relationship with my boyfriend has improved so much. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm doing so much better. 

--D.R. Austin, TX, United States

Get in Touch!


  • Have achieved a level of mental clarity you didn’t think was possible. 
  • No longer feel too overwhelmed to do anything.
  • Feel relaxed . . . yes, it's possible!
  • Sleep better
  • Know how to better plan your week and manage your time. 
  • Have taken back your health once and for all. 

Today I learned that I don't have to make everything so difficult. Thank you for that.

--L.B. Phoenix, AZ, United States

You are the KINDEST! Thank you so much! I now feel healthy for the first time.

--M.E.R.U. Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Frequently Asked Questions
What else they're saying . . . 

Julie, I can't thank you enough. Working with you was utterly life-changing. I feel like a new person, and I'm actually looking forward to this next chapter in my life now instead of worrying all the time like I used to. You're hilarious, I had so much fun during our sessions, even on the darker days, and you taught me that even if the problem is serious, the solution doesn't have to be. I will always remember that.

--L.E. New York, NY, United States

If not now, when?

This is not one of those lame programs that will tell you to drink a bunch of water and pop fish oil pills. Give me a break. This is a total health and life makeover, a chance to love and celebrate yourself. It's your time to step into the light.

I'm Worth It