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Hi! I'm Julie.

I'm on a mission to make life easier for people with ADHD.

We've all heard countless advice about how to get organized, get motivated, get in shape, you name it. 

A lot of times it seemed like good advice, but when we tried it . . . 

It didn't work.

We got older and everyone else seemed to have this "life" thing figured out, meanwhile we continued to struggle with basic, everyday tasks. 

We followed all the advice and yet the lives we want seemed mysteriously out of reach.

No more.

Once you understand how it all works, the noise goes away and your body and mind function the way they should.

I use a proven four-part system to help you greatly alleviate your ADHD symptoms, so you can

  • Make your¬†to-do list¬†into a¬†"done" list
  • ¬†Stop¬†beating yourself up
  • Punch¬†procrastination¬†in the face

You are destined for greater things than this day-to-day chaos you live in. 

I would love to help you make space for those things.

My qualifications:

-Certified Health Coach
-Certified Functional Therapeutic Diets Specialist / Nutritional Therapist
-Certified in Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health

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