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☕ Is Caffeine Affecting Your Keto Diet? ☕ What Happened to My Ketone Levels When I Quit Coffee! ☕


could caffeine be messing up your

results on keto that's what we're going

to talk about today

now beverages like coffee and tea are

totally permitted on a ketogenic diet

they are considered totally safe

so what's this lady talking about here

well I want to tell you a little bit

about my experience of what happened

when I went off of coffee and how that

affected my ketones did it make them go

up did it make them go down I'll tell

you all about it so that you can see if

you know you're not having the results

that you want on keto if it might have

something to do with your caffeine


now for those of you who don't know me

hello hello my name is Julie sad and I

am a holistic ADHD coach I help my

clients bust through their ADHD

challenges through the use of a

ketogenic diet so I love talking about

all things keto and all things ADHD and

today we're going to be talking about

keto and caffeine

now I started testing my ketones in my

blood when I went to ketocon back in

April so that was about five six months

ago and I was so excited to get my keto

Mojo meter and test my ketones in my

blood and I remember walking up proudly

to the woman at the demonstration booth

and showing her my finger and waiting

for it to say I was in super mega hyper

ketosis and I wasn't barely even in

ketosis at all I was at 0.4 millimoles

which is not even above the threshold

for nutritional ketosis so here I was at


not in ketosis the shame oh the shame

the agony I said well that's surprising

I thought I was in a really high level

of ketosis I'm really strict with my

diet okay

so I got my little meter and I continued

to test my ketones at home and

to my surprise they were never that high

we're talking point four point five

sometimes 0.7 one time I took a bunch of

MCT oils because I was like I'm getting

this number up so I took a bunch of MCT

oil raised my Ketone levels to something

like two three and then I threw up


so I was like you know what I guess

my body just doesn't want to make

ketones I just don't know how to make

the ketones I don't know I I resigned

myself to the fact that I just wasn't

going to be a high Ketone producer

but then a couple weeks ago I got a wild

hair up my and I decided that I was

gonna try something which for me was

absolutely bonkers

giving up coffee

now I live in the coffee capital of the

world Colombia I live in Medellin

Colombia and we are surrounded by

amazing amazing coffee farms and coffee

plants my neighbor has a coffee plant

it's just amazing we have the best

coffee in the world if anybody disagrees

with me

come on in let's fight

so I loved my coffee I was drinking

sometimes eight cups of coffee a day I

know I know

but one Sunday I was like you know what

I'm just gonna try it I'm just gonna try

for today see what happens so I gave it

up for one day

okay the next day was hard I had a

headache I was tired I went to bed early

but day three day four

you know was tired but I was okay I

didn't die and now um I feel fine and

believe it or not my concentration

seems to have improved which was a shock

to me and I know a lot of people in the

ADHD Community love leaning on caffeine

because it's a stimulant so it works you

know similar to a lot of the stimulant

medications that we are often prescribed

um so I I get it I get it but uh what

happened to my ketones well

when I stopped

my uh coffee thing my coffee habit I

decided to measure my ketones in my

blood and I was shocked to see that the

first reading showed 1.5 millimoles per

liter so it was you know depending on

the day about triple my normal level of

ketones holy crap and

um I did the readings a few other days

and they were all above the one

millimole per liter range so I was

pretty jazzed and I thought okay let's

see maybe this is just a fluke let me

look this up online and see what's up so

I started Googling as you do and I

didn't really find any good information

the information that I found said that

coffee raises your ketones and I said

but that's not what's going on in me

but then coincidentally

I got the Deets the lowdown the real

scoop from one of the smartest people

on the planet and so let me tell you

what it was

um I just finished a training program

with the Brilliance Dr Georgia Eid and

the name of the program was ketogenic

diets for mental health clinicians so

it's you know teaching us how to work

with our clients you know in a very

specific way to help them get started on

a ketogenic diet for mental health and

in our last class we were doing what's

called troubleshooting keto right where

you look at what's going on with the

client and you try to figure out you

know if they're not getting the results

they want why and so at the beginning of

class I mentioned to Dr Eid that uh you

know I had gone off coffee and that my

Ketone levels had gone up and she said

well actually we're going to be talking

about that today and we did and what she

said was that in the short term

caffeine will raise your ketones like

the internet told me but in the long

term it actually can lower your ketones

and here's why

by consuming

concessive caffeine excessive caffeine

by consuming excessive caffeine you're

raising your stress hormone cortisol

a lot of us with ADHD like to raise our

cortisol some of us even have low

cortisol believe it or not we try to

stress ourselves out when your stress

goes up your dopamine goes up too bet

you didn't know that so when your

dopamine goes up your ADHD brain is like

yeah yeah yeah yeah so that can be one

of the reasons that we sometimes

procrastinate we're trying to stress

ourselves out and one of the reasons why

many of us adhders really really really

really love coffee


when you're drinking coffee especially

if it's all the time you can have these

very very high cortisol levels and you

might not be sleeping that well

and you might just kind of have this

stress situation going on you're kind of

stressing the body constantly

so that will take a toll that will raise

your blood sugar so

you know

by consequence you know consequently

your ketones will probably not be so

high if your blood sugar is a little bit

higher and that's exactly what appears

to have been going on with me

so the moral of the story is caffeine in

the short term can raise your ketones

but in the long term can actually lower

your Ketone levels so if you're trying

to hit a certain range in your ketones

especially if you're doing ketogenic

diets for mental health where we try to

go for a little bit higher Ketone level

in the blood than somebody who is doing

it for something like weight loss or

other metabolic health issues

we're trying to do it a little bit

higher so we we want those ketones

um if you're having trouble getting into

that therapeutic range then

consider taking a look at your caffeine

consumption there are other things of

course that can affect your Ketone

levels but that's one that you might not

have thought of

alright so I hope you enjoyed this

little video and if you like this

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