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gonna listen to a story about a girl

named Julie she went to a therapist

because she really knew she needed help

with problems with which she had been

blessed and it kind of helped her out

but it kind of was a mess therapy CBT

my secret dream is to be a singer and

there's a real reason it's a secret

in this video we're talking about

therapy for ADHD I'm going to be telling

you all about my experience with CBT

therapy did it help did it make it worse

why did I do it would I recommend it and

of course what does the science say

let's skip the intro because I'm feeling

feisty and let's get right into it so

how did I wind up in a therapist's chair

in Williamsburg Brooklyn one fateful

day in 2015. well let me tell you

I have ADHD combined type and it's

something I used to struggle with

constantly beginning in childhood but I

had no idea I had it

my main struggles with ADHD

were always always procrastination and

my second biggest struggle was emotional

regulation so procrastination I just

couldn't do the thing

this started from the first time I got

homework when I was you know around

eight years old I knew I had to do

homework I knew I had to sit down and do

it I just couldn't do it I would

literally do everything else except my

homework until I was really tired and it

was the last minute and then I would do

it and go to bed later than I should have

and wake up tired and do it all again

for decades 

I also struggled with as I got older

things like smoking a lot sometimes a

pack or more a day

um I never drank it that much but when I

drank I drank I had internet addiction I

used to eat crappy food to excess and I

just couldn't stop couldn't have one

cookie I had to have a box of cookies

um all sorts of things and so

these are some of the reasons that I

wound up going into therapy before I got

into CBT therapy for ABA ABCD haha

before I went to CBT therapy for ADHD I

had been misdiagnosed with many many

many things I have been misdiagnosed

with major depression I have been

misdiagnosed with anxiety I have been

misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and

due to the food in my school cafeteria

being so bad when I was a kid I have

also been misdiagnosed with anorexia the

food was bad I just didn't want to eat

it and my mom's a great cook so I just

didn't eat when I was a kid and waited

till I went home and that got me sent to

the school psychiatrist or psychologist

or what


um in order to deal with my struggles

with ADHD I tried pills

I tried planners I tried yelling at

myself I tried being yelled at my by my

parents I even tried going to a

procrastination coach

um and the thing that really was the

main problem for me was my

procrastination and procrastination led

to me having other problems in my life

for example problems with sleep because

if you don't get your stuff done you

can't go to sleep addictions as

mentioned before to deal with

feeling crappy about myself for not

getting stuff done

damaged relationships for example if

somebody canceled plans on me I would

become absolutely Furious because in

order for me to be able to show up to a

social event it required so much work

and suffering and pushing for me to

finally get my stupid work done so how

dare you cancel plans on me do you know

how hard it was for me to get organized

enough to be able to come here and see

you and that damaged a couple of

actually really close friendships um and

I miss you guys and sorry I was so


and um in general my procrastination

um affected my self-esteem greatly

because I'm smart you know schools

shouldn't have been a struggle work

shouldn't have been a struggle

getting dressed

or you know doing my hair shouldn't have

been a struggle but it was and that

tends to make you feel pretty bad about

yourself am I right so going back to

around uh 2015 a few of my friends had

already mentioned to me that they

thought I had ADHD but I didn't really

listen to them I'm fine

I can focus fine I didn't really

understand how the whole thing worked uh

because I thought oh I don't have a

problem focusing and I never had this

sensation of like oh I can't focus no I

had the sensation of like oh let's do

this which isn't the thing I should be

doing right now but that's okay or oh

let's do this that's also another thing

I should be doing right now but that's


and maybe I should do that thing nah

I'll do this so I never felt unfocused

I've always felt focused just sometimes

on the wrong thing in fact most times on

the wrong thing so

um another friend in 2015 mentioned that

she had it and you know we happened to

be uh in the car so we had a quite a bit

of time talking uh to talk about this so

as we were in the car she's telling me

this that and the other

this still didn't sink in that I might

have it

but it was a little bit fresher in my

mind because I've been hearing uh her

story and then believe it or not

I was walking down the street in

Brooklyn New York and I found a box of

books on the sidewalk in my neighborhood

uh we had this kind of thing where

anytime we had something we didn't want

anymore we would nicely put it in a box

and leave it out there so we'd do that

with clothes you know fold the clothes

put it in a box and leave it there on a

day that it wasn't raining or snowing

and people would take it so I found this

box oh box

of books Let's see and one of the books

was a book about ADHD I don't remember

what book it was but I think it was the

book driven to distraction

and I said what's this I don't know it's

free let's take it whatever took that

book and a couple other books

and I happened to start reading the book

about ADHD and as I was reading it I

said oh shh

oh boy

so uh I did what I thought was the next

step and I signed up to talk to a


and here's where the story gets

extremely ADHD I made the appointment I

filled out my little forms this that and

the other somehow in the course of

filling out the forms I failed to

mention that the reason I wanted to talk

to the therapist was because I suspected

I had ADHD and then I got to the session

and the therapist was such an


um interesting woman I think she was you

know maybe a couple years younger than

me and she seemed so vivacious and

interesting and she had all these cool

books on her shelf in her

um in her you know little office and uh

I forgot to tell her that I thought I

had ADHD

just stop them

wow like saying it now it's like how did

she forget I forgot totally forgot

because I was like oh cool new thing

let's do this therapy thing what do you

do how do you do it what's the work what

are those books so I proceeded to do

six months of CBT and not tell about

therapist that I thought I had ADHD

and um it's hilarious to me now to say

it but like thinking back like oh my God


if I had only told her in the beginning

you know think of all the time I would

have saved but never mind so the

therapist was pretty cool actually

she was quite a tough kind of uh

therapist let's say um in that like for

example I remember in one of our first

sessions I said something like oh well

you know my parents did this and she

just kind of looked at me and she said

your parents did the best they could

with what they had

and and you know kind of did an eyebrow

thing I wish I could do I can't do it

but she kind of did like an eyebrow

thing that implied and that's it and

that's all get over it like she didn't

say that because like what therapist

would be like yo get over it

but it was fantastically implied that

um this was not about uh blaming not

blaming but this was not going to be

that kind of therapy this was going to

be a different you know so not like you

necessarily see in the movies where

there's the person on the couch and

they're saying you know that

my mother did this my father you know

that they're recounting their whole life

story which is useful I know in in some

situations but that's not what we were

doing here this was CBT

and she explained to me what it was and

and how it worked and and how you know

it's about

um you know kind of fixing these

behavioral issues and then it's a short

course of therapy it's only really meant

to be about six months long I thought oh

that's that's interesting because in


um times that I had gone to therapy they

had never mentioned endpoint and so I

thought oh that's cool you're not trying

to like you know be my therapist for

like another 10 20 years

um you have like an end goal in mind so

I thought that was cool so she was tough

and um I remember very very specifically

at the in one of the earlier sessions

she gave me a little homework assignment


because somehow or other she had noticed

that I had a lot of negative thoughts

and kind of negative self-talk more than

anything the way I was talking to myself


not really nice like I wouldn't talk to

another person the way I used to talk to

myself like and if somebody you know

talked to me the way I talked to myself

on the street I'd probably want to smack

them because

um so she gave me some homework to write

down all the negative thoughts okay fine

I'll try it oh my gosh over that week I

don't remember how many pages but I want

to say it was like five pages of me just

being like

everything everything everything and it

wasn't just like oh you know I'm I'm

having trouble it was like I'm lazy I

can't do anything I never get started on

time I can't finish art like it was

really harsh it really really harsh and

mean and as the list began to get longer

and longer and longer and longer and

longer I thought oh my God this is


no wonder I feel like crap look at the

way I'm talking to myself

I wouldn't talk like this to my worst

enemy so

that was something that I found really

really helpful in this particular course

of therapy um and another thing I

remember was that she gave me a handout

of something that's called cognitive

distortions and these are basically like

kind of let's say glitches in our

thoughts that aren't very good for us

let me give you a couple examples one is

like black or white thinking and it's a

common one

um that a lot of us have so black white

thinking would be like let's say you go

to a party and you

um you tell somebody a joke and it's not

really funny

instead of just thinking okay well that

was a dumb joke you kind of go like oh

my God I am the least funny person I'm

the most awkward person why do I even

come to parties like what am I even

doing like you know you go like

All or Nothing

is one another cognitive distortion can

be mind reading so you know let's say

that you you go to the office and and

somebody usually says like oh hi good to

see you and that day they just go hi

and then your brain starts going what

did I do oh my god did somebody say

something about me you don't know

maybe they're sick maybe they're tired

their phone just buzzed in their pocket

right when you walked past them you

can't read their mind you know so that's

another cognitive distortion so I found

that those were really really cool

um to look at and to learn about and to

identify myself because oh my gosh I had

a lot

um so fast forward you know we're coming

to the end of our six months working

together and I suddenly go oh

by the way


I forgot to tell you I think I have ADHD

and that's kind of why I came here in

the first place and she just kind of

looked at me and she goes oh no I don't

think you have ADHD because you make

really good eye contact


um I didn't tell her this but what I was

thinking was like yo I'm forcing myself

to do that because what I really want to

do is look at all of your cool books and

look at your nails and wow where did you

get your shoes and I wonder what hair

products you use and who painted this

like I wanted to look at like all the

things but I can't do that that looks a

little wacky right and also I've been

taught that it's rude

when someone's talking to you not to

look at them

I'm forcing myself to look at you lady

but I didn't say that to her I just said


uh well I I really do think I have it

because I read this book in blah blah

so she said you know she she luckily

didn't try to like talk me out of it

more she said okay here's a


take this home work on it and then we'll

talk about it I took it home it was

supposed to be like a five minute thing

Max I spent three hours on it why

because I spent like you know three four

minutes filling out the questionnaire

and then I spent like two or three hours

putting pictures of puppies on it

who does that I don't know

I don't know why I was like this

questionnaire needs puppies

and it took me like hours and did I have

a ton of work to do that I should have

been doing instead of putting puppies on

my questionnaire yes of course I did

so I believe the questionnaire was 13 or

14 questions and I said yes to

everything but one so winner

uh super winner right

um so I brought it into her and then

um she wound up referring me to a

psychiatrist she was a psychologist and

she referred me to a psychiatrist that's

a story for another day because that

involves um

some pills and this that and the other

um so that's my little story with CBT so

let's see did CBT help my ADHD well

definitively I'm gonna say no

um because I forgot to tell her that I

had ADHD so do I think it could have

helped me had I remembered to mention it

at the beginning probably so if I'd come

in and said hey I think I have ADHD can

it would work on this it probably would

have helped me more with my ADHD

now that said

it's uh

something that really really helped me

quite a lot like really helped me quite

a lot


because I remember that crazy list I

talked about with all the negative

things I was saying to myself

I no longer say those things to myself

and um if I do flip up and you know

catch myself being harsh with myself I

catch it so I don't know for example

let's say that I'm um let's say that I

I'm running late

somewhere I might start catching myself

going you're always late nerd

and I go it it that's enough

I'm running a little bit late

what do I need to do get my bag go get

out the door whatever that's it I don't

need to I don't need to tell myself that

I have a horrible character and that's

unnecessary thank you for the idea but I

don't need to do that thank you

just need to go where you need to go so

and this so what this was 2015 when I

did this therapy and look I'm still

feeling the positive effects from it so

wow did it help my ADHD not necessarily

but it really really helped that

negative self-talk and that's priceless


what does the science say about ADHD and


uh okay so there's a a doctor online

he's a psychiatrist um and his name is

Dr K and I love him and you should look

him up on YouTube but not on a day when

you have a lot of things to do because

you if you're anything like me will

definitely binge his videos but anyway

Dr K says in one of his videos that

therapy and medication have the same

effect size for ADHD meaning that if you

compare medication to therapy uh both

have the same effect for ADHD

so that's cool score one for for therapy

um he also mentions that ADHD therapy is

a little bit more about learning

strategies for ADHD

um and that's it can really help so

there's a lot of scientific evidence to

suggest that CBT really can help reduce

ADHD symptoms and I'll link to some of

the research in the description below if

you're interested it has been studied a

little bit more for things like anxiety

and depression and CBT does appear to

have really really good results with uh

depression and anxiety so if you have

ADHD and depression and anxiety

CBT looking like it might be a good

choice for you if you have anxiety or

depression like symptoms

which is also common

um it might

help you out with that too because it's

uh you know gonna be a lot of that same

kind of brain stuff going on the

negative self-talk and things like that

so so it's it's uh it's promising

um so let's see what else do I want to

tell you would I recommend CBT for ADHD

yes I'd say it's worth a shot

it's definitely worth a shot although

there's something I would recommend

trying first I'll tell you about that in

a minute so in my case uh like I said

while CBT didn't help me with my main

ADHD issues I'm talking procrastination

um and it didn't really help me with my

emotional regulation it just really

helped me so much with getting rid of

that negative self-talk and the results

have continued to this day

um so yeah so in that case it helped me

a lot um now the thing that has worked

for me more than anything and the thing

I have vowed to never shut up about

until the day I die much to the Chagrin

of everyone who spends more than a few

minutes with me is nutritional therapy

in other words fixing your brain with


if you've been hanging out with me uh

here online for a while you already knew

that but if you're a newbie to my

channel and everything I like to talk



you know it's it really works uh

nutrition and mental health really

really have a strong strong strong links

Link Link Link length Link Link

a strong link haha nutrition and mental

health have a very strong link

I talk about it a lot on this channel

although sometimes I trip over my words

so if you haven't already make sure to

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bye for now