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I Wasted Money on a Procrastination Coach



How I wasted a ton of money on a

procrastination coach and what I should

have done instead

hi my name is Julie and I'm here to tell

you my little story about all the money

I wasted on a procrastination coach

so um procrastination was without a

doubt the biggest problem that I had

pretty much my whole life let's say

um it started when I was in grade school

as soon as I got homework I just had

trouble sitting down and doing the

homework I would leave it until the last

minute until I was exhausted and there

was nothing else to do but the homework

um I would often pass out on my books my

parents really loved that

um and I would wake up late to school I

would have trouble getting out of bed

because I was exhausted because I just

couldn't do the things I wanted and

needed to do

and to the outside Observer it looked

like I was lazy or I didn't want to do

it I wanted to do my homework I just

couldn't do it

just couldn't sit down

um this continued into my adult life and

in work I just couldn't sit and do the

work I wanted to do I had the lists and

the lists of the list and the list and I

just couldn't do it

the worst instance of this was one day I

had a office slash photo studio I was

working as a portrait photographer and I

got to the office bright and early

managed to do that and then I decided to

sit in the chair outside of my office

and just look at my phone real quick

before going in I don't know why

um and so I started doing that and then

the time just started passing and

passing and passing and passing and

passing it was

I don't know I think I got there around

8 A.M it was 9 A.M 10 11 12. then I was

all of a sudden starving and I was like

okay let's go get some some lunch I

still hadn't gone into the office

it makes me laugh now but at the time I

just felt

awful I mean imagine this feeling of you

really want to do the thing and there's

just something that's stopping you from

doing it


if you struggle with procrastination

um or and or have ADHD you probably know

exactly what I'm talking about


um that I'm pretty sure was the day I

decided you know enough enough is enough

this has been going on for decades I

gotta really do something about this

so I Googled as most people do

you know Dr Google helped me

um and I found a procrastination coach

this is it this is going to be the thing

that fixes me so I uh I scheduled a call

with her and I you know talked to her

and we decided we were going to work

together and it was a lot of money I

don't remember how much but I remember

thinking okay this is a lot of money

um and to be honest I don't remember

what we even really talked about in our


um because nothing worked she didn't

help me at all

um I would go to the meetings and we

would talk and do whatever it was we


ostensibly doing but I saw no results my

procrastination continued with a

Vengeance you know I couldn't just do

the thing until it was either the last

minute or somebody was there you know

pressuring me to do it or I was

exhausted if I was exhausted I could do

it yeah my brain was able to to finally

do it when it was exhausted

um so waste of money wasted time so the

question is then what should I have done

well at the time I had no idea I had

ADHD I was actually diagnosed later that



self-diagnosed basically first my

friends did it then I

diagnosed myself

um and so uh by reading a book about it

and then got the official diagnosis from

a doctor so I I hadn't been diagnosed

with ADHD at the time um had I been

diagnosed with ADHD at the time what I

would have could have should have done

is simply address my ADHD

and here's something that I think is

really important to mention


a lot of times we see these you know

hacks tips tricks strategies for how to

deal with our procrastination I even

have videos about them videos about how

to you know get started when you just

don't want to do the thing


they work but there's a caveat

um if your ADHD is not treated

the underlying you know problem really

is your ADHD so step one is really

treating your ADHD and taking the steps

to reduce your symptoms

to reduce its effect on you because that

is really

in most cases the main thing that's

causing your procrastination if you are

a procrastinator with ADHD

there are other things sure sometimes

it's emotional sometimes you don't want

to do the thing sometimes you don't know

how to do the thing

um sometimes you just haven't set aside

enough time to do the thing

but nine times out of ten it's really

your ADHD that's effing it up okay

um so

instead of just jumping straight to the


we need to fix the underlying problem

here's a metaphor that might help

explain my point here


if you

are a person with ADHD and you are

struggling with procrastination and you

just do a hack


um that's that's like a Band-Aid

that's like putting a a new coat of

paint on the car

that doesn't have a working motor

the car is going to look nicer but it's

still not going to go anywhere so if

we're doing the hacks yeah that might

help a little bit here and there but we

need to really fix the underlying

problem and the underlying problem most

of the time is untreated ADHD

so how do we treat it there are two

routes one is the medication route

um and then there's the other route

which is what I do I am a certified and

I always mess this up since even though

it's what I do a certified functional

therapeutic diet specialist and ADHD

coach and so I tend towards the natural


um to help my clients so what that is is

we're going to go on a therapeutic diet

which is statistically shown to improve

ADHD greatly and we're going to add into

that holistic health

holistic health is not supplements stop

wasting your money on the supplements

guys it it doesn't work come on now


it's you know working on all those parts

of your life your sleep your stress


um all those kinds of things your

purpose in life that's even a part of

holistic health but with the basis being

a therapeutic diet

to fix the mechanisms in the brain so

if you're struggling with something like


I know it's tempting to just want to do

the hacks the hacks are the last layer

in the strategy the first layer in the

strategy is fixing the ADHD

by implementing strategies to get your

brain working more the way it should

all right I hope this has been helpful

if you have any questions about this

stuff leave me a comment

and I hope that you have a happy and

healthy day thanks for listening ciao