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Stress and ADHD



stress and ADHD are a nasty combo today

let's talk about ways to de-stress give

me five minutes and I'm going to walk

you through some unconventional tips for

relaxation these aren't the ones you

always hear I promise also I have a free

video training that you can watch which

will show you exactly how I go through

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for those of you who don't know me hey

my name is Julie sad I'm an ADHD and

nutrition coach who's certified in

functional therapeutic diets in a

nutshell I help my clients reduce their

ADHD symptoms without relying on

medication so that they can go from

frazzled to focused and get fit and

find time for fun

so stress can make ADHD worse and ADHD

itself can make us feel more stressed

great so clearly we need to make

de-stressing a priority here are some


first off pay attention to make sure

you're not using excessive stress as a

way to get yourself to do things some of

us use stress as a way to Spur ourselves

into action for example procrastinating

on something until it's urgent or

staying up late until the stress of

being so tired kind of pushes you into

getting started on that project you've

been putting off

I invite you to ask yourself if you

might be relying on very high levels of

stress to motivate you if so ask

yourself how sustainable that actually

is and if you notice that it's a pattern

then you can begin to take steps to

change it but step one is actually

bringing your awareness to the fact that

you're using stress to get your yourself

going if that turns out to be the case

next it's important to be skeptical of

traditional advice not all the standard

stuff works for us folks with ADHD for

example some people may find that

sitting on the couch and watching a

movie can be very relaxing for me

personally I find it depends if I'm kind

of stuck thinking about something and

that's stressing me out then yeah it can

distract me and reduce my stress that

way but if I'm having more of a physical

feeling of stress like it's in my body

not necessarily because of any one thing

then I find that watching a movie does

little to relax me and can actually

stress me out more especially if I'm

watching the movie with someone because

then I know I'll have to control my

fidgeting so as not to drive the other

person nuts which then well

just stresses me out

also please please please hear me now

meditation if you suck at meditation

please don't beat yourself up about it

meditation is one of those things we

always hear and mentioned as a way to

deal with stress some of us with ADHD

can benefit greatly from it and some of

us are really adverse to the idea of it

some of us have even had adverse effects

from it in my case I tried mindfulness

meditation and it actually made me see

violent imagery in my head for the first

time in my life and totally freaked me

the F out not cool

if you like the idea of meditation but

are having trouble with it I recommend

just starting with simple breathing

exercises instead one that I like is to

inhale for four counts hold it for seven

counts and exhale for eight counts four

seven eight how long do I do it for us

usually less than a minute yep I'm all

about the bare minimum when it comes to

this stuff

while breathing exercises definitely

take the edge off hands down the number

one thing that calms me down is doing

something that requires movement this

could be going for a walk dancing around

the house jumping up and down or doing

some kind of chore around the house now

as I say that last one I'm shocked that

those words are coming out of my mouth

as cleaning has never been my forte

however if I tell myself that it's my

mini therapy session instead of this

thing that I have to do it's a bit

easier to get started and I find that

even just a few minutes of putting

things in their proper place

really chills me out so to recap in

order to reduce stress levels in an ADHD

brain we want to one treat the

underlying ADHD and two find the stress

reduction techniques that work

specifically for us even if this means a

bit of trial and error

if you have found anything that relaxes

you and helps you deal with stress I

would love to hear about it in the

comments now if you don't know this

about me already the first part in my

four-part framework for reducing ADHD

the natural way is through dietary

therapy and the diet that's considered

the gold standard in the treatment of

ADHD is the ketogenic diet or keto for

short I've created a free video guide

that you can watch that shows the exact

steps I use with my clients to get them

started on keto for mental health it's

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