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Tracking Your Blood Sugar & Ketone Levels with Andrea Nicholson

ketones and glucose

What's the best way to track your blood sugar? Should you use a continuous glucose monitor? And what about ketones? What's the best way to measure them? And, hey, what numbers should you aim for?

My guest today is the brilliant Andrea Nicholson, a true expert in functional health. Andrea is board certified in holistic nutrition. She helps her clients reduce inflammation, optimize their weight, and repair their gut health by identifying and targeting the underlying imbalances in their bodies.

And she’s going to help us navigate the sometimes confusing world of glucose and ketone tracking so that we can figure out if this is something we want to do for ourselves and, how to do it!



Learn more about Andrea Nicholson and how to work with her here:

Topics covered in today's interview:

-Why measure your glucose and ketones

-What time of day to measure your ketones, and your glucose

-How a CGM can give you a more complete picture of your blood sugar than just testing a few times throughout the day

-Foods that can spike your blood glucose, prepare to be surprised!

-Ideal blood glucose ranges

-Suggested ketone ranges and how they differ depending on condition being treated (metabolic syndrome vs. epilepsy, for example)

-If it's necessary to test for the rest of your life